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a few featurettes
Video Reel
Video Reel 


A brief overview of my work as a video director, video producer and editor. 

GTC Keynote Intro: I AM AI
GPU Technology Conference
Keynote Intro Video: I AM AI


To spotlight the many inspiring stories of AI’s influence, NVIDIA launched “I Am AI,” an original docu-series. 

The video vignettes are a window into the work of innovators achieving groundbreaking accomplishments with AI technologies.  This video was updated bi-annually. I worked closely with the CEO and the video director to create these videos. I acted either as the story researcher, video producer or editor.

GeForce Now B2B Pitch
GeForce Now
B2B Telco Pitch


Working together with the marketing director of the telco division, we brain stormed this concept for a b2b market presentation. 

I worked as the video producer and editor alongside with the art director and motion graphics artist. 

The Ulitmate GeForce PC
GeForce GTX 1080ti
The Ultimate GeForce PC


The footage captured was 9 months of designing and manufacturing the Ultimate Gaming PC with NVIDIA’s newest GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. It deserved a PC worthy of the power and design our top-tier GPU brings to gaming. NVIDIA went to a PC case maker Parvum with one request: create the Ultimate GeForce PC, and make it glorious. 

NVIDIA Jetson Partner Stories:


From pre-production to final edits, I produced, directed and edited the final video. It was given the opportunity to fly to Milan, and shoot the interview and b-roll with an Italian crew.  

The unfed mind
The unfed mind


The unfed mind was my bachelor thesis project. 

I wrote, directed, shot, edited, and narrated the short film. 



Meet Helen -

the passionate, obsessive,  perfectionistic,

detail-oriented storyteller.

Her passion lies in being able to find the magic gems in her stories and visuals. Next to love it is the closest thing we have to magic. We are able to just for a few moments be transported into a different world, with an infectious emotion,

and a new reality. 

With her heart as an aesthete and her mind as a realist, she found herself in love with this juxtaposition of art making.  


I look forward to working with you 
Tel: +1650-521-4322
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